Our IAC VIP food drive is dedicated to distributing food and supporting to Syrian refugees in need

We are able to provide food boxes at a very reasonable rate so donating care packages filled with nutritious meals is easier than ever!


children & their family members growing with education. Your support is helping those need

International Aid Charity (IAC)

The situation in Gaza has intensified, bringing about unprecedented devastation


We run orphan sponsorship program for children affected by the war in Syria.


We support schools and provide education to displaced refugee children.

VIP Food Drive

Volunteers help deliver food and clothing to those in most need.

Emergency Relief

We provide emergency relief around the world, where it is most needed.

Youth Soccer

Soccer leagues for orphans! We use soccer to educate, inspire youth

Support teachers

These are refugee teachers and scholars we support. They educate the orphans.

Over the last 2 years, International Aid Charity (IAC)’s Volunteer International Program has helped over 10,000 people.

Become a VIP fundraiser to contribute food packs and critical aid currently being delivered on the ground

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The deadliest Earthquake since 1960 has found it’s way to Morocco. It’s magnitudes of 6.8 with it’s epicenter just 45 miles southwest of Marrakech. Aftershocks continue to occur regularly.

IAC is working diligently to get teams in place to deliver aid as soon as possible to these displaced, exhausted, hurt and grieving people.

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