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We are fundraising for the Afghanistan Food Crisis Relief Fund

Become a fundraiser and help provide 1000 families with food packs to support them throughout the winter months of 2021-2022

We are fundraising for the Covid Food Packs Appeal for Syrian Refugees

Take a look at our ideas for fundraising from home, take up your challenge and get others involved.

International Aid Charity (IAC) supports schools and provides education to displaced Syrian refugee children and orphans. Many of these single mothers and refugee families would not be able to keep their children in school without help.

See how many students you can sponsor!

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and the travel restrictions in place, our Volunteer International Program will be run exclusively by our ground team until further notice.

Our ground teams in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan are continuing to distribute food packs and critical aid to Syrian orphans, hospitalized patients & the elderly throughout this pandemic.

This project qualifies for Zakat.

You can help support this work by raising funds for more food packages. Become a VIP fundraiser to contribute food packs and critical aid currently being delivered on the ground.

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If you have an account on facebook, you can build a page on facebook to fundraise for International Aid Charity (IAC)

Simply log in and look for the Raise Money button on our facebook page

Fundraise at home

During the current pandemic, let’s be creative and raise money without stepping outside.

Take a look at our ideas for fundraising from home, build a  page and we will make sure your donation reaches where it is most needed

Looking for an existing fundraiser?

Know someone who is raising funds? You can find them here and donate to their page