Orphans & children

Orphan sponsorship program for children affected by the war in Syria

Orphans & children

Orphan sponsorship program for children affected by the war in Syria

We run an orphan sponsorship program for children affected by the war in Syria.

Orphan sponsorship program

We currently have a waiting list, overflowing with names, of  Syrian refugee orphans under 16. Each one of them is a gift and it is our pleasure to extend help and support to them.

We support orphan children in their family or extended family environment, while supporting their lives with our team of carers. We try to ensure that with our support, each orphan has food, clothing, security and the education they need.


$50 a month

What happens next?

1. Sponsor

When you begin a sponsorship with us, we will diligently assign an orphan to receive your support

2. Support

Our carer team on the ground ensure that each orphan you support are well cared for and provided all they need

3. Supervise

IAC regularly assess the well-being of each child through direct contact with the orphans, their carers, and their schoolteachers

Your donation

Your donation provides each orphan with:

Education & Training

Welfare & Support

Nutrition & Health​

Sponsor a Syrian refugee child

Your sponsorship covers the cost of education, transportation, school supplies, clothing, food and lodging.

Sponsor a child for just $50 /month or $600 /year 

This project qualifies for Zakat, please donate your Zakat or Saddaqa to this cause

We have a series of initiatives for orphans run by IAC – we support refugee schools, organize youth soccer leagues, support teachers – who are all affected by the war in Syria – and we organize quarterly VIP drives to deliver critical aid to Syrian refugees and orphans

Sponsor a Syrian refugee orphan

Sponsor a Syrian refugee orphan for $50 a month or donate any amount you prefer to this project.

This project qualifies for Zakat. Donate your Zakat to this cause

Our other flagship projects


We support schools and provide education to displaced refugee children.

Support teachers

These are refugee teachers and scholars we support. They educate the orphans.

VIP Drive

Volunteers help deliver food and clothing to those in most need.