It's time to give Zakat

Zakat donations are handled with the greatest care to ensure they reach eligible recipients. Your Zakat helps orphans and refugees in most need.

No Zakat is used for running the organisation or for raising funds.

Your Zakat Calculator & Guide

Do I pay Zakat?

Yes, if you are all these:

What is Nisab?

This is the minimum amount of wealth you must own for Zakat to be payable on it. There are two Nisab thresholds:

0 g
grams of silver in money value
0 g
grams of gold in money value

As of April 2023, gold nisab value is approximately $5,426 and silver nisab value is approximately $459

The gap between the two thresholds is wide, so although traditionally Silver Nisab was preferred, Gold is now also adopted

How to calculate Zakat?

1. Your net wealth

What you own at the end of a 12-month lunar year minus what you owe or need to pay at the time of your zakat payment – a snapshot of your balance

2. Nisab threshold

As of April 2023, gold nisab value is approximately $5,426  and silver nisab value is approximately $459

3. Above the Threshold?

If your net wealth is greater than or equal to the Nisab value then you pay 2.5% of your net wealth as Zakat.

If your net wealth is below the Nisab value, then you do not owe any Zakat.

What you own

Include these as your assets:

What you owe

Liabilities you can deduct:

When is it due?

Your Zakat payment is due a year from the date your net wealth first met or exceeded the Nisab

Zakat is an annual obligation due once every lunar year. A snapshot of your balance.

Who receives Zakat?

Your zakat to IAC reaches:

Zakat ul Fitr (Fitrana)


Every Muslim – adult and child


Any time before Eid prayer


$10 per person - the price of a meal