Cookie policy

How cookies help us give you the right information

A cookie is a small text file which allows websites to see which pages visitors are using the most, and to give a better browsing experience by tailoring information to meet users’ needs.

Cookies will only be placed on your computer’s hard drive if you consent to them being so. This is usually done through your internet browser’s privacy settings.

A cookie does not give us access to your computer or to any information about you, other than the data you choose to share with us.

Cookies can be owned by first or third parties:

First party cookies are owned and created by the website you’re viewing.

Third-party cookies are owned and created by an independent company, usually a company providing a service to the owners of the website.

What cookies do we use?

Our cookies don’t store personal or policy information like your name, address or policy details. The cookies enable us to offer you a better browsing experience.

We use the following cookies:

  • Session cookies (first party cookie)

These are only stored on your computer until your browser is closed, irrespective of your personal settings. We use session cookies to remember information you’ve entered as you move from page to page, to save you having to keep typing in the same thing.

  • Persistent cookies (first party cookie)

These remain stored on your computer until you delete them (your browser may do this automatically for you. This will depend on your personal settings). We use persistent cookies to remember some of your choices – like your original policy provider so we can make sure you receive information that’s relevant to you.

  • Analytics cookies (third party cookie)

These give us some information about the pages of our site that you’ve visited. This helps us to make improvements to our site based on how it’s actually being used.

  • Changing your cookie settings

By continuing to use our site you are giving your consent for us to use cookies. If you don’t want us to use cookies you can adjust your browser setting to refuse them, or to ask you each time a cookie is sent whether to accept it or not. You can also view all cookies that have already been set on your browser and delete them – find out how to do this at

If you delete cookies relating to this website we will not remember things about you, including your cookie preferences, and you will be treated as a first-time visitor the next time you visit the site.

Cookie notification

Provided you have accepted and agreed to how we use cookies on your computer, our website will not display the cookie banner notice every time you visit our site unless there are changes to our Cookie Policy, or if you have changed your cookie preferences.

For further information on how we use your information, please read our International Aid Charity Privacy Policy