Taking Care of our Local Families

Local food distribution appeal

We take care of families locally, providing them with much needed food and support

Food Distribution Appeal

IAC and Chi-Care are collaborating to help end hunger in Chicago. On June 30th, we will be handing out hot food and clothing to those who live on the street in Chicago. This joint effort ensures that the most vulnerable members of our community receive the necessary support.

Chi-Care focuses on providing warm meals and essential resources directly to the homeless population through mobile distributions. Their approach ensures that those in need do not have to travel far to receive help. Each week, Chi-Care’s volunteers distribute over 1,000 meals across various tent encampments in the Chicagoland area​ (Chi-Care)​​ (Chi-Care)​.

IAC, on the other hand, is committed to offering comprehensive aid, including food security, educational support, and emergency relief to marginalized communities worldwide. Their collaboration with Chi-Care amplifies the impact on the local homeless population in Chicago​ (International Aid Charity – IAC)​.

Donate now to help us or volunteer. For more details, please visit chi-care.org and iacharity.org. Both organizations are working together to make a significant difference in the lives of Chicago’s homeless.

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Taking Care of our Local Families

This initiative will help families with much needed food on an ongoing basis, while at the same time supporting locally owned grocery stores. While we are beginning in these areas, with your help, we are hoping to expand to other cities throughout the US helping supplement additional needy families.

This project qualifies for Zakat. Don’t hesitate to donate your Zakat here.

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Helping in Indonesia during Tsunami

In 2018, more than 2000 people lost their lives to the Indonesian Tsunami. Thousands more were injured and made homeless. Entire villages were wiped out. IAC worked alongside local partners on the ground. With your help, we provided food, clean water, medicine and support.

We provided Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico

The 2017 Hurricane killed more than 2,975 people in Puerto Rico. An IAC team of volunteers lead by Muhammad Hassen and Fraz Zahid traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico. They distributed food boxes and clothing to the families facing the disaster.

Your response to our campaign helped us send emergency first aid kits to vulnerable families. Thank you.

iac aid for hurricane 2017 puerto rico

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We run orphan sponsorship program for children affected by the war in Syria.

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These are refugee teachers and scholars we support. They educate the orphans.

VIP Drive

Volunteers help deliver food and clothing to those in most need.