Refugee Schools

Schools in Jordan and Turkey

Refugee Schools​

Schools in Jordan and Turkey

We support schools and provide education to displaced refugee children

Support access to education

We support schools and provide education to displaced Syrian refugee children and orphans. Many of these single mothers and refugee families would not be able to keep their children in school without help.

UNHCR estimates 61% of refugees attend primary school compared with 92% globally, and at secondary education, this drops to 23% of refugees versus 84% overall.

Our schools in Jordan and Turkey are currently offering education to 500 to 1000 children.

$50 a month

Your donation

Your donation provides each child with:

Education & Training

Welfare & Support

Nutrition & Health​

Sponsor a child's education

Your sponsorship covers the cost of education, transportation, school supplies, clothing, food and lodging.

Sponsor a child for just $50 /month or $600 /year in Jordan

Sponsor a child in Turkey for $60 /month or $720 /year

This program is part of a series of initiatives for orphans run by IAC – we provide the opportunity to sponsor an entire classroom or to raise money to sponsor students for an entire school year.

Sponsor a child's education

Sponsor a refugee student’s education in Turkey or Jordan. It costs $50 a month to sponsor a student in Jordan and $60 a month to sponsor a student in Turkey.

If you prefer to sponsor the entire school year, you can donate $600 a year for a student in Jordan or $720 a year for a student in Turkey.

Adjust the One-time, Monthly or Annually option according to how often you want to donate.

Our other flagship projects


We run orphan sponsorship program for children affected by the war in Syria.

Support teachers

These are refugee teachers and scholars we support. They educate the orphans.

Youth Soccer

Soccer leagues for orphans! We use soccer to educate, inspire youth