Gaza Relief Fund

Medical and humanitarian aid for injured and sick children in the Gaza

Appeal for the Children of Gaza​​

We are seeking your generosity to help us raise funds for Gaza’s children to provide them with medical, humanitarian and mental health services they so very much need.

The One Million Children of Gaza live in a continuous humanitarian crisis, with no clean water, little electricity, poor health services, and food insecurity.

Our partners are on the ground are providing a variety of direct humanitarian aid programs for thousands of sick and injured children in the enclave. 

These include sending hundreds of injured and sick kids abroad for free medical care, sponsoring hundreds of international volunteer doctors and nurses to go there each year to treat children and train local doctors, building Gaza’s first and only pediatric oncology department, and running several different humanitarian programs and projects on the ground.

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Medical Relief

Humanitarian Aid

Community Rebuilding

Gaza Relief Fund

Your donation to Gaza Relief Fund will be 100% restricted to provide medical and humanitarian aid to injured and sick children in the Gaza Strip based on their needs.

Thank you for your support!

Our other flagship projects


We run orphan sponsorship program for children affected by the war in Syria.


We support schools and provide education to displaced refugee children.

VIP Drive

Volunteers help deliver food and clothing to those in most need.